Only 5-10% of disease is hereditary…

test tubesWe’re a society addicted to fast-paced living, negative thinking and junk food fuels — a recipe for disease acceleration. Yet, while many blame the rise in cancers and heart conditions on their genes, scientific research proves only 5 to 10 per cent of all disease is hereditary[1] .

Think it, and it shall be…

Genes can be turned on and off by environmental signals, including thoughts, feelings and emotions. They cannot be responsible for all disease…genetic changes to DNA just do not happen that rapidly, so it must be something else. And that something else is diet and lifestyle.

Those who invest in many years of internal negative self-talk and depression create bodies of cells that simply cannot absorb sufficient nutrition. Put simply, regardless of how healthy one’s diet is, if thoughts do not centre on positivity and higher vibrational thinking, the conditions for disease to manifest are more likely to be present.

Stress is the trigger

We live in a very stressful world. Long working hours, financial stress and the demands of family life leave the average person with no time to relax.

Stress disrupts the body’s natural rhythm. While in some situations a certain amount of stress can aid us, a constant state of “fight or flight” will only lead to depletion of our vital energy and illness.  Recovering from illness requires cessation of stress and emotional triggers as well as a nutritious diet, exercise and a healthy, chemical-free environment.

When thought creates form

Positive affirmations and regular meditation are wonderful tools for changing inner weakness and replacing them with physical strength. Creating an affirmation and repeating it over and over can produce that reality.

Begin with forgiveness

While positive affirmations have been proven to change one’s thought patterns and create a more vibrant health state, nothing can truly affect the body more positively than releasing toxic emotions such as resentment and anger. Letting go of these emotions and practising forgiveness and acceptance can lead to a more balanced, healthier body and mind.

Words of wisdom

Look for the things in life that are positive and uplifting, no matter how small – nothing is insignificant. Take the good with the bad, but try to find ways to form positive affirmations about the things that are getting you down.

Rewired and inspired

Think about the way in which you construct your sentences and speak to others. Try using positive expression in your day to day language. This requires true thought before speech, and can take time to integrate.

Firstly, try to note the negative phrases that creep into conversation. An example might be, “This won’t take long”. While it seems to be a positive phrase, a better one might be “This will be really quick”. Simply removing the negative “won’t” makes the sentence more positive.

Of course, there are times when you do have to speak about negative, painful or unpleasant things. During these times, speaking about your pain helps you unburden yourself. It is a necessary part of healing. Once the burden begins to lift, follow up with words and discussion around healing, action and feeling better.

Take responsibility for your mental, emotional and spiritual health

It is easy with the high demands of living in this world to dismiss these small changes as insignificant, but this is not the case. As a society, we have tried to ignore our responsibility to our health, finding it easier to simply pass the buck to the local GP when something goes wrong and expect a quick fix, usually in the form of a drug of one sort or another that will not cure the illness, but simply suppress the symptoms and turn it into something much worse.

Taking the time to change our attitude toward our health, become proactive, take charge and create a positive environment for ourselves can alter the course of our health journey for the better….all we need to do is make the decision to do it!


Source: Dunn. S. Curing Disease From Within., 14.01.2014