5 Herbs to Combat Hay Fever and Allergy

Nature has provided us with a range of herbs to help beat the springtime sneezes! Find out about why these 5 could help you..

Hay fever and asthma may be increasing, but don’t worry! The Healing Power of Nature is here to make sure you are prepared for the Spring sneezes! Here are 5 magnificent herbs we use in our clinic that have been shown to be effective against allergies…

  1. Peppermint extract has been shown to relieve the symptoms of hay fever, like sneezing and itchiness, by desensitising the cells that release histamine and decreasing the effect of the allergen (1)
  2. Berberine, a compound found in the herb Berberis, has been used as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese medicine. Research found that it was able to reduce allergic inflammation by stopping the release of chemicals that cause inflammation (2)
  3. Cinnamon, and its constituent cinnameldahyde, also caused a reduction in allergic symptoms, reducing congestion in the nose and overall inflammation. (3)
  4. Turmeric is also a well known anti-inflammation that can help to reduce the reaction caused by allergic pathogens and reduce the symptoms (4)
  5. Ginger is also a great herb that has the ability to warm up the body and increase blood flow. Similar to the other examples, it works by stopping a number of inflammatory pathways and decreasing the activity of chemicals responsible for the itchiness and swelling of hay fever. (5)

These herbs are easily incorporated into our every day cooking and, as well as tasting great, have a really beneficial impact on our overall health. If you’re prone to suffer from hay fever during the spring, increase your intake of these herbs and book into see one of our wonderful Naturopaths to find out how else you can improve your own healing ability.