Andrographis for infections

Andrographis is an ancient medicinal herb with an extensive history in Asia. It has been used for centuries to treat upper respiratory infections, fever, herpes, sore throat, and a variety of other chronic and infectious diseases.   androg.

 A range of conclusive studies confirm not only its traditional use as an astringent therefore effective for sore throats, congested sinuses and coughs, but also to be active against a variety of bacterial and viral families due to its powerful immune strengthening benefits. It is easy to see effectiveness for this herb in conditions such as common colds, flu and general bacterial infections especially for sinus, nose, throat and chest infections

 The active component of Andrographis, also known as andrographolide, has been found to increase the survival rate, diminish lung pathology, decrease virus loads, and  the inflammatory cytokines released due to virus infection. It acts as an immuno-modulator to regulate the response our bodies have when a new infection is present, as well as an anti-viral that works against a variety of influenza viral strains.

Conditions treated with Andgrographis.                                                                        

Other uses include strong research for application in Cancer, AIDS, heart disease and diabetes… Andrographis is traditionally highly regarded for benefits to the liver and a number of metabolic liver pathways. Recently more data has come to light for its use in Autoimmune conditions especially Rhuematiod Arthritis. This suggests Andrographis is very much an immune regulation herb with many diverse abilites which is once again likely to confuse and contradict modern medical thinking… However the research in recent years is very impressive.

At Nepean Naturopathic Centre, we have Andrographis Complex available for our patients! It’s a fantastic option to have on the shelf at home for when you feel a sore throat or sniffle coming on. If you’d like some immune support, drop by the clinic to discuss if it’s right for you with one of our practitioners!

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