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 Breast cancer – a study of 1500 Victorian women by the Monash University found 2 out of 3 women who smoked when they discovered they had breast cancer were still smoking two years later…. with one in twelve continued to consume more than four standard drinks in a sitting at least once a week… Both habits are known to increase the risk of developing cancer….Herald Sun Jan 2012

Thankfully most of my patients in clinic do not smoke .. so what are these patients thinking, is this an indictment of the medical education and health care programs?…

I was talking to a patient a few months back about breast cancer, afterwards I came to the realisation that in the nine years in Frankston and six in Qld, I have not had one female patient develop breast cancer, well to my knowledge.. This is an outstanding figure considering 1 in 8 females will develop breast cancer in their lifetime…. a recent German study may help to support my clinical experience with the use of natural therapies as a cancer preventative and especially as breast cancer preventative.. A 10 year study of 75,000 nurses, showed those who had consumed one course or more of a herbal product over the period had a 25% reduction of breast cancer risk and if they at all consumed Vitex Angus Castus their rate dropped by 60%…these are extraordinary numbers and I am in no means saying the odd dose of herbs will totally protect you from cancer, but it probably says something about those who are willing to take proactive steps for their health…

I was speaking with Professor Kerry Bone recently and he was quietly happy in light of this study as his company Mediherb had recently released a multivitamin for women – Vital Women… which is basically the same as the Everyday B or SF88, but with the addition of a couple of female herbs including Vitex ….He said in contemplating the formulation he felt the overwhelming evidence pointed to daily consumption of Vitex as greatly beneficial to female wellbeing…. A more recent study has suggested Vitex can even increase natural Melatonin production by some 60%, which is going to ensure better sleep for many, and increased melatonin is highly beneficial in cancer protection….

So for many female patients , it will definitely worth considering the change to Mediherb’s Vital Women product, it’s only a few more dollars the Everyday B and about the same price as SF88….


Fruit and vegetables cut breast cancer: – a U.S. study of pre-menopausal women over 40 has shown that a high vegetable intake strongly protects against breast cancer, with fruit intake having a weaker effect. The study also found a number of nutrients was protective. These included beta-carotene, fiber, folic acid, vitamin C & E. Journal National Cancer Institute, 1996


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