A recent study on fruit flies has indicated that eating organic food can increase lifespan, improve fertility and generally improve health. Organic appleIn this study, fruit flies were fed extracts from food obtained from a supermarket. Some of them were fed only organic food extracts while others were fed non-organic foods. The extracts were from potatoes, soy beans, raisins and bananas.

The results showed that the flies fed organic extracts lived longer, had higher fertility and, over a lifetime, had more children. In general, they were healthier.

Other studies have found that organic crops contain a significantly higher amount of certain antioxidants (vitamin C, polyphenols and flavonoids) and minerals, as well as  higher dry matter content than conventional ones.

[i] For individual nutrients, existing studies show that organic fertilization practices produce crops with higher levels of ascorbic acid, lower levels of nitrate, and improved protein quality compared with conventionally grown crops. Moreover, there is a lower level of pesticide residues, nitrate and some heavy metal contaminations in organic crops compared to conventional ones. There is a relationship between the different fertilisation and plant protection methods of these two plant production systems and the nutritional composition of crops. Consequently, it can be concluded that organically produced plant derived food products have a higher nutritional value, including antioxidants than conventional ones. Animal studies showed better growth and reproduction in animals fed organically grown feed compared with those fed conventionally grown feed.[ii]

There is a trend in the data also indicating higher nutrient content in organically grown crops. This phenomenon is possibly due to a higher water content in conventional crops, which causes nutrient dilution. Although a theoretical rationale exists for possible effects of herbicides on nutrient content, few studies have examined the effects of these or other pesticides.



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