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With 16 years of consulting athletes from juniors to weekend warriors, elite team participants through to world level athletes and Olympians, there is a program of support, health, performance and mental wellbeing that is achievable for all levels. Among sporting clients there are four main areas of care -dietary intake,  injury support and prevention, wellbeing during training phases and performance enhancement…All supplements, techniques and recommendations are safe, effective and have vigorous study support. No prescription medications or WADA or ASADA listed medications are used.


Every effort is made to obtain maximal output from the dietary intake. Gut functionallity is a priority for correct food assimilation and nutritional content. Protein requirements are assessed, possible food allergens tested and appropriate foods assigned for consumption within training programs…


Many athletes are “fit”, however a great many are a long way from healthy. Immune health, gut functionality, sleep quality, dietary intake, recovery programs, injury rehabilitation, neurological capacity, adrenal wellbeing, hormonal balance, electrolyte levels, blood quality, antioxidant capacities, free radical and lactic acid quenching, mitochondrial health,  cardiac and lung capacities all effect injury likelyhood, training output and performance outcomes.

Injury support and prevention

Prevention of injury through high quality nutrition and supplemental support is preferable. In the event of an injury immediate care can reduce recovery times by well over 50% and reduce possible ongoing recurrence… with immediate care – within 24hrs of injury being the key hours to a quicker more succesful recovery.

This is a culmination of training consistently and effectively, wellbeing during training periods, bodily maintenance, healthy diet, mental strength and a focused supplementary regime. There are a number of optimising supplements that may influence maximal performance, theses regimes vary somewhat from the endurance sports, team sports to the skill based sports…(golf, archery and darts have highly aquired skills to participate at elite levels).

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