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The Facts

1 in 6 couples in Australia will be infertile. In 40% of cases, the problem is on the female’s side, and 40% also resides with the male. In 10% cases, infertility is due to both partners and the remaining 10% of infertility is caused by an unknown factor.

Fertility is a big word for any prospective parent, especially if you have had problems conceiving. At the Nepean Naturopathic Centre, we take a holistic view of helping you to fall pregnant. So what are some of the reasons that couples have trouble conceiving? From the female perspective, an imbalance of hormones resulting in lack of ovulation, poor quality eggs, endometriosis or blockage of the fallopian tubes are often causative. These issues may be caused by hormonal imbalances, environmental pollutants, stress, poor diet and genetics. In males, poor sperm quality and DNA damage is the major cause. And then there are just sheer compatibility issues – sperm antibodies, unfriendly environments and more. These matters are seen not as an obstacle, but a challenge to be overcome…

Concentrating on bringing your overall health into balance will give you a better chance of improving your reproductive capacity, falling pregnant, and giving birth to a healthy child. Pre-conception lifestyle changes do make significant differences to fertility outcomes.

Be certain about your choices

“I’ll give up smoking and maybe stop drinking when I find out I’m pregnant.” We have all heard this before and amazingly it still occurs in this day and age. Most women only confirm pregnancy after 4-8 weeks, that’s 4-8 weeks of knocking about the vitality and viability of a very immature foetus. The AMA recently announced that there is no safe level of alcohol intake during pregnancy. Fetal experts Professor’s Gluckman and Hanson write in their book The Fetal Matrix “crucial decisions about a child’s future are made even before most women have even thought about children.” The health of a baby is mostly dictated by the health of the “egg” and the father’s sperm which was made 76 days before the point of conception … Sure the gestative period influences a baby’s outcome, but the health cannot be increased, only optimized because once the sperm and egg have joined to create an zygote, genetically the work is already done… So pre pregnancy health for both potential parents is of vital importance, because once conception occurs, there is no exchange, no refund, you’ve got what you’re got….

 Part of the family

Working with you and your partner, a treatment plan can be created to bring you both to optimal health, and help to remove the factors that may have been preventing conception.

This is done on a number of levels. Firstly, nutrition is of the utmost importance; this is what provides the building blocks to create new life. We examine environmental factors, stress and pollutants that may be effecting your reproductive health and talk about how to reduce these if they are a problem. Nutritional and herbal supplementation may also be appropriate, particularly where hormone imbalances are involved and DNA vitality is of great importance. Even after conception, regular appointments are essential to make sure that both parents and baby stay well and that the pregnancy is given its best chance of success.

Nepean Naturopathic Centre is a family clinic, and we offer natural, holistic health care from preconception to birth and onwards! We can help with advice on optimal diet and supplementation for successful breastfeeding and how to maintain the best health for the entire family…

It is time to Live Well!

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