A Tummy Butterfly?


At the Guts of it…

It is said that the gut is the seat of one’s health, and this manifests in clinical presentation every day. When the gut has issues, then other areas of health are going to suffer. There are many different intestinal issues from ulcers to diverticulitis to bowell cancer. From mouth to anus the alimentary canal is truly a marvelous piece of evolution. This is the only area of the body were food stuffs are inserted for processing for vital nutrients, therefore giving us contact to the outside world from within, researchers site that over 80% the immune function lies with the gut…

But truly digestive capacities are so reliant upon ancillary functionality to work correctly. Initial mastication, saliva production, oesophageal peristaltic action to carry the food to the stomach upon where hydrochloric acid is used to break down food stuffs. This is the same hydrochloric acid that is used for industrial purposes including cleaning bricks and we make a significant amount each day (1.5 litres) – imagine what taking and antacid drug (heartburn drugs) does to massively reduce this process and how this impacts upon further digestion.

The process of Digestion

After leaving the stomach a long journey through 23feet or so of small intestine
is required, upon where our food intake will be additionally treated with bile from the liver (gall bladder), enzymes from the pancreas and even more enzymes from within the intestine and micro flora. Broken down nutrients pass through the gut wall to the portal vein to then be on manufactured into required compounds via the liver for distribution throughout the body.

After some hour’s transit to the large intestine occurs, further scavenging of nutrients occurs, leaving only indigestible compounds such as plant fibres which are necessary for healthy bowell flora to metabolise upon.

Final transit then occurs through the anal canal where hopefully full evacuation occurs. However, around a third of faecal weight is made up of red blood cell skeletons already processed by the spleen. Bowell evacuation can be highly dependent upon bile stimulus, which will obviously be more difficult without a gall bladder.

The Tummy Butterflies

Nerve tensions will also place great onus and debility upon gut function. Serotonin the neurotransmitter for essentially a smiley face also plays a strong role in peristaltic activity with only 30% of one’s serotonin occurring in the brain, the rest resides in the gut and blood vessels.


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The Immune Connection

Immune compromised individuals will also suffer from poor gut functionality and vice versa – immunity will suffer creating a very effective self perpetuating adverse event. And all this before we even talk about what actually enters the mouth at the very start of the perilous journey.

Gut, the common issues

–: heart burn, irritable bowell, diverticulitis, crohns disease, ulcerative colitis, bowell cancer, stomach cancer, oesophageal cancers, ulcerations, infections – worms, parasitical, mold, yeasts, viruses, bacteria; polyps, constipation issues, diarrhoea, food allergens and many others….

Most of these have a resolution, however some may take best maintenance to provide ongoing relief….

It is time to Live Well!

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