Respiratory Conditions

Asthma – A chronic inflammatory condition marked by periodic difficulty in breathing. Asthma may be exasperated by allergies –food and airborne, exercise, airborne irritants, infections, medications, emotional status, nerve stress and more. Chronic gut problems, along with mold, worm and parasitical infections, will all propel greater levels of asthma, thus infection eradication plays a vital role. Prescribed medications are only designed manage asthma symptoms not resolve, yet magnesium, slippery elm, B vitamins, herbal antioxidants and anti inflammatories can lead to effective asthma reduction and greatly reduced medications for asthma control…
Hayfever – an allergenic condition which manifests with symptoms of sneezing, gritty eyes and a mucous emitting nose. Chronic gut problems, along with mold and bacterial infections will all drive increased levels of all allergenic conditions, thus infection eradication plays a vital role, then anti inflammatory and anti allergenic herbs may be of great assistance…..
Sinusitus/ Rhinitis, Glue Ear, Post Nasal Drip – chronic gut problems, food allergies and mold infections all give rise to inflammation and excessive mucous production. A study from the U.S. has found that 97% of all chronic sinusitis, rhinitis sufferers have unrelieved mold infections. Diet will also make a difference to this group…
Pleurisy / Pneumonia – are usually due to acute viral or bacterial infections. Immune and lung herbs like Echinacea, Cats Claw, Golden Seal, Pleurisy Root and Vitamin C may be of immeasurable value….
Colds –are in the main due to a group of rhinoviruses. Academic debate continues as to how to cease the common cold, with some immunologists suggesting exposure to the common cold is a way of updating your immunity with the current environment as viruses are constantly mutating. What is known is that these viruses like an ambient temperature of around 8 – 15 degrees Celsius, which of course is perfect winter-spring temperature here in Victoria. Certainly if the immunity does not deal well with these infections, secondary usually more severe infections may occur. Immune functionality is of highest priority to process these viruses rapidly. Lymphatic capacity also plays a role….
Flu – has the capacity to hospitalise and kills many hundreds of thousands worldwide every year. Immune health is vital to head this virus of before it gets a foothold often leading to pneumonia or pleurisy type condition. Immune and lung herbs like Echinacea, Cats Claw, Golden Seal, Pleurisy Root and Vitamin C may be of immeasurable value….
Bronchitis – inflammation of the bronchioles creating irritation, mucous, difficulty in breathing and a dry or wet cough. Bacterial infection is the most common cause though prescribed medications and inhaled substances may damage the airways. Slippery elm, marshmallow and infection control are the keys to success…
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (Emphysema), Brochiectasis – both of these conditions very similar, Emphysema is due to chronic cigarette or smoke inhalation damage, Bronchiectasis from repeated severe acute infection or drug use creating heavy fibrosis within the lungs. Infection control and getting the lungs to open and close is highly desirable….
Cystic Fibrosis – has its origins in a gene defect within the liver resulting in excessive mucous production which must be moved, on a daily basis. Risk of infection and repeated hospitalisation is high. Immunity, digestive health and ability to thrive are the keys to success…
Tonsillitis – enlarged tonsils are a manifestation of chronic infections not being cleaned efficiently by the lymphatics usually massively aggravated by prescribed medications i.e. excessive antibiotics, steroids etc. Calendula, Myrrh and Elder Flowers are all exceptional for all pharyngeal issues…

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