Stress: The Prowling Tiger

The prowling tiger

“Walking in the forest one day, a tiger spotted me. I went to run away, but alas the tiger was too quick. I was stuffed under his arm and put in the back of his lair for supper later on. I guess he was not hungry that night, but surely he would be the next night or the one after. I was so stressed, the worry just about killed me. That was many years ago, but that tiger still has me in his lair…..”

It’s a tough life

Dealing with stress is one of the most daunting challenges facing modern society. And it’s not just psychological stressors. A great deal of pressure is put on the physical body by illness, poor diet, lack of exercise, social pressures and environmental pollutants. Psychological stress is generally caused by high demand situations such as vocational issues, finances, relationship conflicts, and the difficulties of juggling family life. When stress disrupts equilibrium, it affects the entire body, including the nervous, hormonal and immune systems. While small stressors may actually instigate a healthy response, chronic stressors over longer periods of time become deleterious to health.Day to day Tigers may not be avoidable, but are most certainly manageable. A strong supplement regime along with suggested lifestyle changes help to support the body and mind to overcome the rigours of stress! Solutions are available, so take action today!

 What does stress do to me?

The symptoms of stress may manifest as irritability, anxiety, feelings of being overwhelmed, social withdrawal, gastrointestinal symptoms, high blood pressure, insomnia and sexual dysfunction.

A variety of health conditions are stress related, primarily caused by high levels of stress hormones circulating throughout the body. In response to stress, the immune system is suppressed, making the body more prone to infections that take longer to go away; depletion of the adrenal glands occurs, causing fatigue, lethargy, and salt/sugar cravings. If stress continues for an extended period of time, it creates the right conditions for chronic illness to develop – cardiovascular disease, insomnia, depression and anxiety, digestive issues, exacerbation of skin conditions, headaches and other pain related disorders.


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