Healing: the miracle machine.

SeedlingHealing is a process we are all interested in to a different extent. Some see healing as a priority but for others it becomes a priority when they are not well and they are forced to think about healing.

There is a healing machine which has the most amazing abilities. It has the capacity to heal skin, to improve eyesight, improve hearing, give healthy lungs and heal blood and keep it clean. It also has the capacity to provide a clear mind, to enable the brain to think clearer, to learn and to discern. It can assist in proper digestion of food, nourish the immune system and promote growth.

This healing machine gives you a voice to speak, to laugh, to imagine, to create, to plan, to mediate and to pray. Used properly, this healing machine can remove pain, rejuvenate energy, and heal the nervous system and keep you alive.

It’s called the human body!

Given the right tools, the body has the capacity to heal itself again and again. These tools are healthy living, right nutrition (assimilated through proper digestion and the proper vitamins and minerals) and right thinking. This healing machine has the ability to help nurture the spiritual connection and the energetic journey and being in truth with who we are as individuals, and to heal the connection with spirit.

The body is one of the greatest miracle healing machines that nature has ever built yet it’s often never used to its fullest capacity. Stop a moment and think of the millions of processes going on in the body right now, all directed at keeping you alive and healing you on some level. However, as humans with our issues and failings, instead of treasuring this wonderful invention, which has capacities far beyond those even our greatest technological minds can create, we use and abuse our bodies, our emotions and our thinking through lack of knowledge.

Knowledge is the key to regain the healing tools. The body wants to heal, let it. The emotions want to be whole, let them. The thoughts want to be positive, let them. The spirit yearns for connection, let it. Simply let go. Let go of the worry, the anxiety for the future, the fear of the present, the regrets of the past. Let go and the healing will begin.

Have faith that they can help you move forward in your journey to a new beginning.


Source: Haim, J. Healing: the miracle machine.