Life is not easy, that’s true. But it is the hardships that make our life worth living.

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Failure isn’t something to be avoided or to be afraid of. It should be something you should step on. While difficulties can stretch you to your limits, they can hone you to a better person. By incorporating the following strategies into your life, you are taking yourself closer to success.

Things happen for a reason.

And often, that reason is for your benefit. No one has ever succeeded without experiencing failure. Successful people have one thing in common – they have positive perspective. If something bad happens, always dig deeper into its purpose. Failures are the best teachers because they give us lessons we won’t easily forget.

Fun adds sizzle to your life.

While you are focused on achieving your dreams, this does not mean you have to take life too seriously all the time and stop having fun. Studies show that sad people tend to make judgements based on irrational impatience. Take note, your decisions predict your future. So make it a habit to do something relaxing each day. Take a walk in the park, hug your loved one, play with your pet, watch a five-minute funny video clip, or take a warm bath. Don’t let a day passed without smiling and having fun.

Focus on the future.

Many people fail to succeed because they are trapped in the failures of their past. But you can’t just move forward without letting go of the regrets, miseries and other negative thoughts and emotions. Ask yourself – what matters to me now? What can I do to improve myself? What’s the best way to achieve my goals in life?

Your uniqueness will lead you to success.

Insecurities are like self-inflected pain. They really hurt. But you have the option to take them away from your life. Focus on your strengths. Be aware of your skills, abilities and talents because you can capitalise on them in reaching your dreams. But always seek self-improvement. Most probably, you still have hidden gifts that you need to discover.

There’s a rainbow always after the rain.

If you give up on your dreams, you choose to be a failure. For as long as you are breathing, you are still capable of achieving your goals. Often, difficulties will discourage you from moving forward. But if you stay optimistic, you can get through whatever trial it is that comes your way.

Talk to the right people.

Your social network will play a huge role in your quest to success. But you need to carefully pick the people you are going to approach. Some are going to help you while some are going to let you down and discourage you. Successful people assume responsibility of finding support to solve their problems.

Know your options.

If you are faced with barriers that hinder you from your goals, you need to expand your options. On a sheet of paper, write down 15 ways on how you can overcome whatever obstacle that’s blocking your way to success. You will realise that there’s plenty of ways to solve the problem. The answer lies in you!

Lastly, you have to keep the faith burning. Believe you can do it. Find your inner peace. Remember, when you want something so bad, all the universe conspires to make it happen.

By Helen Holmes on December 08, 2012


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