LDL Cholesterol, not so bad after all!!!

Elderly cholesterol

It is well known that total cholesterol becomes less of a risk factor or not at all for risk of death and cardiovascular (CV) mortality with increasing age. But as little is known as to whether LDL cholesterol – low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, supposedly the “BAD” component of cholesterol, is associated with mortality in the elderly.

A cohort study included a total of 68 094 elderly people  (> 60 years of age), with  very interesting end points which included that high LDL-Cholesterol , I repeat high LDL Cholesterol is  associated with lower mortality in most people over 60 years of age. This finding is totally against the flow with the cholesterol hypothesis (ie, that cholesterol, particularly LDL-Cholesterol, is inherently atherogenic – is more likley to cause cardiovascular death).

Since elderly people with high LDL-Cholesterol live as long or longer than those with low LDL-C, our analysis provides reason to question the validity of the cholesterol hypothesis.

Moreover, our study provides the rationale for a re-evaluation of guidelines regarding Statin Drugs prescriptions such as Lipitor and Crestor for reduction of LDL-Cholesterol in the elderly as a component of cardiovascular disease prevention strategies!!! 

Source – BMJ Open 2016;6:e010401 doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2015-010401, Dr Uffe Ravnskov et.al


Call for Medical action

Surely the medical system must act upon this data as what was once a trickle of suspicion has turned to a cascade of overwhelming research from all corners suggesting the public have been sold up the path when it comes to “Statin prescriptions”.  Australia’s own AMA guidelines even support significant change. When are Doctors going to follow suit? Cholesterol and LDL cholesterol are not the bad guys… Unstable plaque is! In other words vascular health which is high influenced by B vitamins, bioflavanoids and nitrates…

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