Melatonin IVF breakthrough.

PregnancyMelatonin may hold the key to unlocking poor egg quality, one of the main causes of IVF failure. Overseas trials have seen the use of the sleep hormone double the chance of pregnancy, prompting the use of melatonin tablets in Australian trials.

Melatonin is primarily produced by the pineal gland and regulates a variety of important central and peripheral actions related to circadian rhythms and reproduction. It is thought that melatonin plays a role in the maturation of egg cells, and could be highly beneficial for those undergoing IVF. [1]

Another study found that not only does melatonin aid in maturation of egg cells, it also improves the quality of the embryo and increases the outcome of a successful pregnancy.[2]

Melatonin has a variety of uses in the body. It is well known as the “sleep hormone”, but is also a strong anti-oxidant, and has immune-regulating and anti-cancer properties. It has been used treat migraines, regulate hormones and blood sugar levels.


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Photo credit: bengrey / Foter / CC BY-SA