Fertility rates on the decline

Fertility rates worldwide are on the decline indicating negative population growth will soon occur. Estimates suggest infertility effects one in every five Australian couples with medical intervention currently failing three out of four infertile couples. Consumption of coffee and caffeinated soft drinks (coke etc) has been found to reduce conception rates by near 50%. Alcohol intake, heavy metal toxicity, nutrient deficiencies such as iron, B vitamins and folic acid and no wonder fertility is a major health issue today…

At present males are in the order of 40% responsible for infertility.

Sperm takes 72 days to mature before copulation; thus the health of the male two months before conception is critical. In America, male sperm quality is decreasing by over 1% per year on average. Currently about 80%, once below 70% fertility is said to be unlikely with researchers citing the most probable cause as chemical overload. Males require nine times more zinc than female’s, predominately to keep the reproductive organs healthy. Consuming pepitas will help males ensure zinc levels remain optimal. Testicular temperature is desirable to be below core body temperature to keep the little swimmers happy. The wearing of boxers along with cold showers and baths has been found to assist correct testicular temperature…

 Female fertility

Issues may stem from tubal blockages, ovulatory irregularities, pelvic inflammatory diseases, hormone imbalances, and even emotional stresses. Many of these symptoms precipitate from liver disturbances, pituitary and hypothalamic dysfunction and dietary inadequacies. The liver is probably the most responsive organ humans have with botanical medicines such as St Marys Thistle and others cleaning and regulating liver fantastically well. This certainly helps to correct hormone production and builds a healthy system. Pituitary and Hypothalamic problems generated from emotional stress, child bearing, “the Pill,” and chemical/toxic overload, mostly respond to Homeopathic treatment and detoxification…

Optimise diet & exercise

Dietary factors are paramount to all, but when you are endeavoring to manufacture new life, nutritional factors are the raw materials for this new life. Protein levels up to 1 year before conception and in the first trimester effect birth weights and fetal development. A babies IQ is heavily influenced by birth weight, pregnancy term, breast feeding duration and the mother’s intake of cold water fish. Weight difficulties beset roughly 60% of males and 50% of females, for most this is a controllable factor, as it is relatively easy to attend to dietary habits and exercise. Attention to this area certainly enhances conception likelihood and health outcomes for children…

 I often ask parents what are they prepared to do for their child? The answer is always – anything! I hope being fit, eating well and ensuring optimal health is in their “anything” before they even begin attempting to create new life. As this the most important event a human body will ever achieve, the greatest gift for your child is the opportunity for a healthy life…

Eat now for your grandchildren

Groundbreaking research suggests girls in their teens need to prepare their bodies for if they are to produce a generation free of obesity, heart disease and low IQ. Crucial decisions about a child’s future are made even before most women have even thought about children, fetal experts Professor Peter Gluckman and Professor Mark Hanson write in their book The Fetal Matrix. Research shows the health of a baby’s grandparents may influence how the child responds to exercise and diet as an adult. In fact, by birth much of the newborns future health include whether he or she will be obese or diabetic has already been mapped.

Vital Health before conception

Fetal Professor – Peter Gluckman believes a woman preparing the best womb environment for her baby is even more crucial than what she does during the nine months of pregnancy. The nutrition status of a woman when she conceives is one of the best predictors of fetal growth and development. It is far greater than the quality of nutrition during the pregnancy” he said…The Fetal Matrix… Male health at the time of sperm production is critical and the male takes 76 days to ready sperm for conception… i.e. – males should be in prime at least 76 days before conception…

Grans’ Cigs asthma link

Women who smoke during pregnancy increase the risk in asthma in their grandchildren. The university of Southern California researchers found the effect of tobacco on lungs could pass through the generations. Children whose grandmothers smoked during pregnancy, even if the child’s mother did not, have almost double the risk of developing asthma. And children whose grandmothers and mothers smoke are 2.5 times more likely to develop the debilitating condition. Researchers believe the toxic chemicals in tobacco smoke cause genetic changes…

Journal of American College of Chest Physicians

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