What is Mycoplasma?

Mycoplasmas are the smallest of bacterial life forms. They depend upon a host cell for survival, in a parasitical manner. As such, mycoplasma enters not only the body, but directly into living cells. This virulent action sets it apart from any other bacteria and makes them truly evolutionarily; the “next generation” of bacteria. …
New paradigms are necessary to fully understand the disease potential of these bacteria’s. Mycoplasmas have been linked as a cofactor to AIDS, Chrohns disease and many other debilitating conditions. Gulf War syndrome and Chronic fatigue patients were found to have infection rates of around 65% and 50% respectively. Recent evidence clearly implicates mycoplasma infection in-patients suffering from disease states, such as lung infections, pelvic inflammatory disease, cystitis, arthritic complaints and fatigue conditions.

Detecting & diagnosing a Mycoplasma infection

The Medically viewed “gold standard” for detection of mycoplasmas is Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) DNA testing, carried out only in Melbourne. Presently they are only able to detect seven of the fourteen known human type mycoplasmas from blood. Modern doctoring methods for the treatment of mycoplasma included high dose antibiotics for a period of 12 – 18 months, however, the immune compromising and nutrient leaching effects of antibiotics do not make this an attractive option.
Recently, Vegatesting has proved very successful in the detection of mycoplasmal infections.
Not only with the susceptible, but also with the unsuspecting who have low level symptoms such as recurrent joint problems, sinus and lung complaints, and clients who just feel their energy is not as it should be.

Botanical medicine found to be highly effective against Mycoplasma infection

Research from Melbourne found specific Botanical Medicines were active and highly effective against the mycoplasmas. Results with current clients suggest that high dosages of these Botanical Medicines for a period of around 8 – 12 weeks are very successful… This sounds a better option…
Make no mistake, mycoplasma are highly virulent bacteria!! Eradication takes time, but so far, the treatment regimes have been highly successful. Vegatesting is a quick, easy and a reliable method for the detection of possible mycoplasma. Smart readers, who have not had a recent Vegatest, will make an appointment, come on in and be tested. Your health is your most important asset you have. It is far better to be safe and aware of what’s happening in your body than to go on feeling less than fantastic…

Media & Public Perceptions

It seems lately Natural Medicines have received some negative attention from certain media. This attack has come from out dated elements within the medical fraternity, disguised as concern for public safety, but unfortunately does not represent the whole truth. Let’s consider some facts:
• Natural medicines have withstood hundreds (even thousands) of years of research and testing.
• Eighty percent of the world’s population still relies on Botanical Medicines for their primary health care.
• Many enlightened doctors and hospitals are now exploring natural therapies as “new” treatments for disease.
It is important that Natural therapists and doctors are able to work together, to utilise the best of both worlds. This approach will achieve far better out comes for patients in the most effective manner possible…

It is time to Live Well!

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