Supplements – What to take?

What should I take?

It’s a question that is asked very frequently. What do I take? What does it do for me? What about this wizz bang new one? Many pitfalls exist with taking supplements willy-nilly. Unfortunately many retail products would be better off being forgotten as they are ineffective and leave consumers wondering of their usefulness. Supplements of real quality, taken in the right dose deliver valuable results and lasting vitality.

The human body is a fascinating, highly enduring and adaptable life form. Many exist on this planet that are malnourished, deprived of nutrients, have limited food sources and going hungry on a daily basis. Masses of Australians are malnourished, deprived of nutrients and eat a limited range of foods. The only difference being Australians aren’t starving. Actually the opposite – they are obese from too much food. These Australians are likely to choose a typical diet of McDonalds, cornflakes, and chips etc. Are they hungry starving like some in other countries of this world – no, nutritionally starved – yes.

Make wise choices regarding your nutrition 

An example used to highlight the benefits of supplements is the two plants analogy. Imagine if one plant is tossed into the ground and left for two years? This plant would get its nutrients from the soil, light from the sun and rain from the sky, wouldn’t it? Isn’t this the natural way, natures design? What will this plant really be like after two years? ….. Alive – maybe with a lot of luck!  Considering the current drought it would be at least very thirsty. Growth would be stunted and foliage, well bugs, molds, caterpillars and nutrient depletion would see to that. Strong roots? Compacted soil, competition from weeds, and little water – not likely. The outlook for this plant is dismal. If it is alive, all it has done is survived – doing it nature’s way – rain, sun, dirt! How many people doing it the Australian way – KFC, Coco Pops, coffee etc and are just surviving?

With plant number two the following happened – the soil was prepared specifically for this plant and it was placed in the garden to receive the correct amount of sunlight. The plant was well watered through irrigation, fertilized as required to yield superb growth, mulch was used to keep the water in, weeds out and soil temperature more even and weeds were removed as soon as they appeared. Molds, bugs and the like were eradicated if and when they appeared and the plant was pruned to stimulate flowering and growth. What is this plant expected to be like after two years? ….. Thriving!!  A booming plant nurtured with natural things like water, good soil, mulch, debugging agents, pruning and you beaut fertilizers like cow poo, fish concentrates and worm excrement. (Oooooh, how gooey are they, makes herbal medicines look good!!)

Be well informed

Inept nutritionists and poor media portrayals are misleading any one who thinks they can prosper on the average Australian diet. The eating pyramid once espoused, as the ideal is now defunct in America due to its nefarious origins and proven ineffectiveness. The way to thrive is to deliver the correct type and quantity of nutrients that allow organic, carbon based life forms to flourish. This is not always possible through diet alone and scientific research shows that nutritional supplements are of enormous benefit. Everyone admires a flourishing garden, but it doesn’t happen with nature alone – it is nurtured and designed to magnificence. Therefore being healthy is an art of application not an affliction of chance. Which plant do you really want to be?

B Vitamins:

Dosage – 1 high dose multi daily.The B vitamins play a major role within justabout every function of the body. Today’s busy world is placing a greater demand for these particular nutrients. B Vitamins have essential roles in the brain function therefore are necessary for clear thinking, children’s learning, mood enhancement, lifting depressiveness, consistent sleep, and neuro muscular control. B vitamins are essential for energy, cellular and DNA replication, nerve health, immune function and a whole lot more…

Herbal Antioxidant – Vitanox

1 tab daily – this supplement is possibly the most powerful tablet I have come across.  A blend of turmeric, green tea, rosemary and grape seed, this little beauty is a most potent antioxidant with anti -inflammatory effect thus making it excellent for anti ageing, cancer protection, cellular rejuvenation, vascular enrichment and a whole lot more…This tablet is highly recommended as an essential for long term health and vitality…

Green super foods: 

1 dose daily. Green super foods are dried living foods such as Green Barley, Wheat Grass, Chlorella, and Green tea. It is best to obtain a powdered supplement that has a combination of these super foods; they are extremely concentrated with beneficial enzymes, and hundreds of protective flavanoids, carotinoids, antioxidants and other nutrients not able to be replicated in a non-food based form. These combinations will benefit cellular functioning, increase longevity, protection from cancer, boost immune function and energy production, detox nasty chemicals and environmental toxins. (Vegie juices and soups are pretty darn good too)…

Vitamin C:

dosage 1000 mg – 5000 mg daily. Vitamin C is a versatile, beneficial and cost effective supplement. C has been shown to prevent colds and flu’s, increase immune function and strengthen blood vessels therefore reducing stroke and other coronary problems. C is an antioxidant, protects from pollution, stress and metabolic wastes. C also dramatically slows the aging process. Innumerous studies have proven the benefits of taking this highly useful food based vitamin in an effective dosage…

Vitamin E:

dosage 500iu – 1000iu daily. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, therefore is greatly protective for cellular function and an anti aging nutrient. E assists in creating elasticity within the blood vessels helping to control blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases. It is protective against cancer, especially breast cancer. E is very good for the immune system, allows the blood to flow smoothly, is essential to fertility and reduces cholesterol. You would need to eat around 3kg of sunflower seeds to deliver approximately 100iu of vitamin E…

Fish Oils – absolutely vital for brain, nerve and cellular vitality, super good for the joints and skin.

Coenzyme Q10 – excellent for energy production – the majority of my professional athletes take this.

Resveretrol – important antioxidant, anti ageing, gene expression and anti cancer.

Tumeric – excellent for cardiovascular disease, longevity, anti inflammatory and anti cancer.

Ginsengs –  potent plant supplement, tonic to feel great, increase energy and longevity.

It is time to Live Well!

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