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A healthy, thriving gut is essential for good health

Just as a garden needs tendering, so do you. A neglected garden is soon over run by weeds, infested with vermin and becomes unattractive. When was the last time you tendered to your internal garden? Why? Because parasites, worms, and unfriendly bacteria’s will eagerly populate the intestines, gut linings become damaged. Then foods are poorly absorbed, allergies emerge, nutrient levels spiral downward and toxins are easily circulated through the rest of the body to accumulate and inhibit normal tissue function. Sound bad? Yes… Intestinal detoxification is an essential tool to thrive in life.

 Toxins & Toxic Gut

These are substances that are poisonous to healthy living cells, some toxins are extreme, others less so. Toxins cause poor cell function, premature cell death and damage genetic information creating deformities in the new emerging cells and tissues. Clean healthy cells thrive for life and when reproducing new cells the optimal blueprint will be passed on.

The intestines provide digestion and absorption of ingested foods. They are the first line of defense of the immune system, from the healthy flora (bacteria) that inhabit the intestines important metabolites are manufactured that prevent cancer, support systemic immune function and up-regulate other organs.

 Do I have toxic guts? Simple signs and symptoms of poor intestinal health may be mental vagueness, feeling poor after eating food, abdominal bloating/ pains/ fullness, bad skin, highly odorous stools and bad body odour. If you’re not sure, having a Vegatest done will quickly indicate if any nasty creatures have set up home within your intestinal system.

What can I do? Weed, seed and feed. I.e.: get rid of the internal muck and nasties, plant good flora, and then support with excellent fertilisers:


Includes possibly an initial bowel purge. Aloe juice in high dose may be used. Epsom salts taken with lemon juice and 4 glasses of water at night is also effective. An efficient bowel purge improves the detoxification process and reduces adverse reactions. Then eradication of any nasties with an appropriate herbal formula takes two to four weeks.


Send in lots of good bacteria using a product like Lactobac (acidophilus, bifidus). These good guy gut bacteria are the defenders against the bad guys, protection from cancer, inhibit mold and yeast infestations, help repair intestinal linings and are vital to good health.


Fertilising is best supported by vegetable broth, vegetable juices, and a light easy diet including plenty of fish, vegetables, and fruit. Other bionutrient supplements may be useful such as B vitamins, vitamin C, liver support formulations and good homeopathic detox preparations. Of course, drink plenty of water.

 The gut detox is best once to twice a year, dependant upon lifestyle and other factors. This is a simple, easy and effective way to ensure toxins are eliminated, and you are travelling to your optimal best.

Good Guy Bacteria – Lactobac

Lactobac is a pharmaceutical grade supplement containing Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifido bacteria. These bacteria are highly beneficial to you by producing factors, which help stop cancer, lower cholesterol, support the immune system, reduce lactose intolerance, keep unfriendly organisms in check and produce antibiotic like substances. One serve of Lactobac contains 20 – 60 billion bacteria; by comparison a teaspoon of acidophilus yogurt may contain around only 5000 bacteria. Your good guy bacteria may be low because of antibiotic use, stress, low digestive abilities, illness, poor food and environmental conditions. Get the good guys into you…

 Lactobacillus For Irritable Bowel:

A trial of sixty patients found taking Lactobacillus was able to halve symptoms such as flatulence when consumed over four weeks. American J. Gastroenterology May 2000

 Herbal Medicine Reduces Irritable Bowel

116 Irritable Bowel Syndrome patients were treated with either a standard herbal formulation or with individualized herbal formulation for sixteen weeks. Over 3/4 of patients taking the standard formulation showed significant improvement in the pain, discomfort, constipation, diarrhoea and overall severity scale. Those receiving the individualized formula had similar but lower response. Fourteen weeks after discontinuing treatment, 63% had maintained their improvement; the effect had lasted longer for patients on the individulised herbal formulation. JAMA 1998

Patient stories

Male age 39 presented with severe abdominal pain which had been ongoing for several months. Some subtle dietary changes were suggested including an increased protein intake and use of slippery elm and Lactobac powders. The pain dissipated within a few days, bringing great relief. This patient’s wife commented “he now loves you very much.” Some maintenance is still being applied for this patient to manage occasional minor discomfort…

 Female aged 42 presented with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, experiencing pain and discomfort on a daily basis. Vegatesting found worms and a virus were the likely culprits. Appropriate Homeopathic detox combinations and Lactobac were prescribed. Patient claims pain and discomfort disappeared a few days of commencing prescription…

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