Vitanox is Vital!

Vitanox – Why you will love it!

Well what if the answer was:-  an  increased  life expectancy,  greatly reduced cancer risk and a anti-ageing benefit as well? How about if it was good for arthritis, fantastic for circulation and protective to stroke and heart attack? How wonderful would it be if a tablet could aide cholesterol, decrease blood pressure and reduce your incidence of aged dementia…Sound good, well this is exactly what this extremely effective supplement can do and  is backed by hundreds of published articles on each of the herbs within Vitanox…

What’s in it?

Looking at what is inside shows a potent blend of Green tea, Turmeric, Grapeseed and Rosemary. Yes, mostly common every day foods in high concentration. Designed primarily as an antioxidant, this supplement has many other actions such as anti-inflammatory, cardio protective, circulatory stimulant, liver restorative, digestive aide, and the list can go on…The table below lists the 7 major benefits of each of these impressive ingredients…

TurmericGrapeseedGreen TeaRosemary
Lowers cancer risk

Increases circulation


Antiageing benefits


Vascular protective

Joint anti inflamm.

Powerful Antioxidant

Liver detoxifying

Nutrient protective


Joint protective

Vascular protective

Cognitive aide

Lowers cholesterol

Lowers bp

Increases digestion

Helps burn fat



Breast protective

Metabolises estrogens

Circulatory aide


Digestive aide


Liver supportive

Breast protective

The importance of antioxidants

Recent research as suggested strongly that a combination of antioxidants to be significantly more beneficial than just a single nutrient might be such as Vitamin A. Further more single nutrients have been shown to be deleterious at certain times when not accompanied by companion antioxidants…Herbal and natural medicine is steeped in history with the use of multiple herbs within the one formulation. Modern science however is working feverishly to isolate active components of single herbs in the hope of patenting “newly” discovered molecules to treat specific diseases. Herbs and nutrients as a whole cannot be patented therefore are not a viable proposition to the Billion dollar drug companies…

With a multitude of toxins, questionable food quality and the demands of modern living imposing directly on life quality and expectancy, Vitanox offers potent, measurable benefits to warrant elevation to being a primary supplement and as such is probably the most effective tableted combination I have come across in ten years of practice.

 Vitanox is great for daily maintenance, vitality, antiageing and general wellbeing. Higher dosing may be necessary for acute and severe chronic conditions such as hay fever, flu, asthma, period pain, migraines etc…Vitanox, it’s my favorite, it’s time to make it yours….

Headaches and the “pill” 

A study of 13, 944 women using oral contraception found there was a significant association for the women taking estrogen-containing pill. The study concluded that women taking contraceptives containing estrogen were more likely to have headaches and especially migraines… Neurology 2006 – Estrogen is a vasoconstrictor which means it closes the blood vessels causing tightness – i.e. leading to headache or migraine in some women…Rosemary decreases the sensitivity of estrogen receptive tissue…

 Green tea and breast Cancer

Analysis of green tea consumption has found consumers of high volume green tea may have a reduction of up to 20% of breast cancer incidence. Conversely, black tea may be associated with an increased late stage promotional effect on breast cancer. Carcinogenesis 2005

 Tumeric protects from cancer 

16 chronic smokers were given 1.5grams of tumeric per day for 30 days. Urinary secretions of mutagens were significantly reduced. The level of urinary mutagens is thought to correlate with load of carcinogens (substances which can induce cancer) and the effectiveness of detoxification pathways…

It is time to Live Well!

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