Since 1995 obesity has risen from 19% to 24%

In the 2007–08 NHS, height and weight measurements were used to calculate Body Mass Index (BMI),bmi a common measure used to estimate whether a person is underweight, a healthy weight,
overweight or obese.

  • Over the last two decades in Australia, there has been a steady shift towards the higher end of the Body Mass Index, driven mainly by weight gain rather than changes in height.
  • In 2007–08, one in four (24%) Australians aged 18 years and over were obese.
  • Since 1995, the rate of obesity has risen from 19% to 24%, with the increase greater for men than for women.
  • In total, 61% of Australians were overweight or obese. This rate was higher for men (68%) than women (55%), and higher for older people than younger people.

source: ABS – National Health Survey 2008


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