Practitioner Only v. Retail Products

At Nepean Naturopathic Centre we often we have patients asking us why our products are better (and sometimes a little more pricey) than something similar they could grab at the chemist. We aim to stock only the highest quality, Practitioner Only supplements and herbal products for our patients to help achieve excellent treatment results. So here are a few reasons why…

  • Practitioner only companies are required to complete quality assurance tests on all of their products and raw materials so as consumers you can be sure that the standard of the products you are taking is high and effective. These standards are regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration; if you’d like to know more about their work, click here.
  • The quality of our liquid herbs, the type that is used in all our herbal mixtures, is of the utmost importance for effective treatment. Tests and studies have shown that official ‘Practitioner Only’ liquid products can have up to 50% MORE of the active parts of the herb in the liquid, compared to other brands.
  • Another study was conducted on retail Echinacea products in the US. Out of the twelve products tested, only two were made up of 100% authentic product. One of the products was completely filled with contaminants, another four contained 50% filler/non-medicinal products, while seven products contained at least 40% of a substitute product.
  • Practitioner Only products have also been shown to contain levels of heavy metals in fish oil products that are up to ten times LESS than the Australian Standard. Environmental contaminants, like pesticides, and chemicals that cause fish oils to go rancid were also detected at much lower levels than Australian Standard and therefore other similar retail products.

These sorts of products are also present within Australia due to the lack of ability to screen all of products on the market. Practitioner Only products are held to a higher standard so that you can rest assured knowing that they are safe and contain high quality ingredients than other retail alternatives.


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