Probiotics: what exactly are you buying?

A fantastic article was recently released, investigating the safety of Probiotics, their therapeutic use around the world and the effectiveness of using them as treatment. A few very interesting results were discussed within this article, so here’s the main point:

17 probiotic products were tested to see if the labels accurately described their ingredients. Only ONE product was found to have a perfect description on the label, while nine of the products contained strains of Bifidobacterium that weren’t included on the label.
12 products were missing strains of the bacteria it claimed to contain, and four products contained strains that were unidentifiable. 

These results are quite shocking but really highlight the importance of quality within our supplements. Paying for quality rather than quantity and purchasing from trusted suppliers means that we’re buying a product true to its label and description.

Another recent review into their use stated that there is a:

‘clear need for more research on both the safety and efficacy of probiotics… only 7 US federally funded human interventional studies are being conducted in this field’3

While certain populations could potentially be at a higher risk for side effects while taking probiotics, these tend to be very minor and uncommon.

Taking probiotics – practitioner only quality, of course! – is of great benefit to your gut when trying to feed and improve your gut bacteria.