Put those dancing shoes on!

BalletDancing is a fantastic way to keep fit and healthy, and it’s fun too!  It can give you a great mind-body workout. Exercise increases the level of chemicals in the brain that encourage nerve cells to grow, and dancing, which needs you to remember dance steps, boosts brain power by improving memory skills.

Studies have been done that show that ballroom dancing twice a week made people less likely to develop dementia. Research also shows that some people with Alzheimer’s disease are able to recall forgotten memories when they danced to familiar music, making dancing one of the many catalysts to keep our memory banks churning.

Since it is such a great way to keep fit, dancing can also:

  • Ward off diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, osteoporosis and depression
  • Strengthen bones and muscles without hurting joints
  • Improve posture and balance
  • Increase stamina and flexibility
  • Tone you up
  • Reduce stress and tension
  • Build confidence
  • Provide social opportunities

Chakra dance is also another form of dance which promotes Energetic healing. It works with the Kundalini, which is the energy in the spine, and can be learned from trained teachers. It is fun to go to a workshop for a day or a weekend. The dance exercises are fun and invigorating. They serve to balance your energy and bring out old energetic patterns which do not serve you. For those of you who run on too much of one kind of energy, feminine or masculine, it is great to create that other sensitive balance that we all need.

If  you’re looking for a fun way to keep fit and healthy, it might be time to get your dancing shoes on!

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