Nepean Naturopathic Services Listing

Initial Consultation 

Includes NNC questionairre assesment, full Vegatest with results, interpretations and recommendations  including  dietary considerations, lifestyle inclusions and prescriptive supplementary regime…

Standard Consultation – (follow up and casual appointments).

Includes retesting and reassement of any previous VegaTest results and makes reccomendations for continued wellbeing and maintenance….


Non invasive  electrodermal medical testing will assess for possible infections – worms, mold, parasites, yeasts, bacteria and viruses; heavy metals, nutritional deficiencies, immune function, organ health and many other parameters…


Frequency Specific Microcurrent is used for treatment in a wide range conditions including – chronic and acute pain – especially nerve related, myofascial conditions – fribromyalgia – plantar fasciaitis – tendonopathies – carpal tunnel, viral and other infections, acute injuries, chronic spinal conditions and much more…


Body composition testing via hi tech bio impedance gives data on muscle composition, fat percentage, intracellular fluids, extracellular fluid, cellular wellbeing and vitality, fluid markers and total body composition, biocellular age and more.. Great for athletes, keeping weight loss on track, cancer patients and many others…

Food allergy test – 39 panel (IgG) blood test 

Developed by Cambridge University, this is an in house blood test for 39 common foods including wheat, dairy, eggs, coffee, nuts, beef and more…Very accurate, with results  taking only one hour. Interperitive consultation is included in the total cost…

Organix Comprehensive profile – Metabolic testing (urine) 34 metabolic markers 

Urine test facilitated by “Diagnostic Insight” looks at lipid, carbohydrate and fat biochemistry , neurotransmitter turnover, energy metabolic pathways and waste metabolism. This testing  is a highly technical look at the biochemical metabolic pathways and provides invaluable information of which pathways are functional and which may be impeded. A great test for chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and patients with more severe metabolic disorders… Organix Comprehensive Guide

Fat metabolic test (urine)

 Looks and some of the key biochemical pathways to assess  fat metabolism… Worthwhile for those endevouring to lose weight…

Gene testing 

Testing for over 10,000 known polymorphisms. Great for those wanting to know their various risk factors for many diseases….

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