Side effects of Panadol

Paracetamol – the quickest, easiest, don’t-even-think-about-it tablet most of us would take whenever it feels necessary. Paracetamol appears on our television screens, in giant boxes on supermarket shelves, and in combination with a range of other medications (like cold and flu tablets). It’s extremely common, but does that mean it is safe?

There’s a lot of research out there that provides us with information about the potential side effects of paracetamol, some that are more common and more serious than previously thought.

There is a clear link between paracetamol toxicity and liver failure. Its use remains the most important, single cause of acute, severe and sudden onset of hepatic failure in western countries.  One of the ways it can cause liver failure is by depleting the body of an important antioxidant, known as glutathione. This wonderful antioxidant is responsible for protecting the liver from breakdown, and also an important part of your immune system and detoxification pathways. The use of paracetamol can cause the body to lose up to 90% of its glutathione concentration. 1

A large study published in 2016 investigated mothers who took paracetamol during pregnancy. It was found to be associated with an increased risk in hyperactivity, conduct problems and various behavioural problems in their children. If taken in the third trimester, the risks were higher, and also more likely to be accompanied by emotional symptoms. The conclusion of the study is that prenatal exposure to paracetamol can lead to behavioural problems in children. 2

Furthermore, excessive or long term dosing of paracetamol can lead to an increased risk of developing allergies, asthma and hay fever in later life, especially when taken as a child. 3

So next time you reach for a panadol for a headache, possibly consider having a big glass of water, grabbing a handful of nuts, dabbing a few drops of lavender oil on your temples or putting it in a diffuser, or even just heading to bed! If you deal with excessive pain on a regular basis, contact Nepean Naturoapthic Centre TODAY for natural solutions to treat the underlying cause of your problems.