Spring has Sprung!

Throughout history, spring has been celebrated as a time of renewal and rebirth. It is the time when the winter dark and cold is finally over, and the warm sun & longer days finally return.

Spring1 Awakening and balance

Spring is also about potential to refresh, liven up, clear & cleanse. Many people like to have a ‘spring clean’, cleaning up the house – or themselves, usually in the form of weight loss or a detox. Spring cleaning originates from beliefs that refreshing your space refreshes or resets your energy. Spring is an ideal time to perform maintenance tasks around your home, such as window cleaning (which helps you see things anew) and clearing out cupboards or the garage, to ensure you greet the emerging season with a clean slate, physically and energetically.

If winter has been hard or you’ve recently suffered loss or stress, clearing the dust, energy and clutter of the past is even more important come spring. Since like attracts like, your efforts to clear and cleanse your home, through simple but rigorous spring-cleaning rituals, creates fresh, positive spaces to attract fresh, positive experiences. Essential oils such as lemon, lime, citrus and pine help energetically clear your space while you attend to dust, grime and dirt.

 Feminine essence

Spring brings a return of feminine energy. Winter’s barren, dry qualities are replaced by heat and moisture as the Sun’s increasing influence arouses the ground and animals into growth. Spring’s focus on fertility makes it an excellent time to honour your creations in the world, be they the fruit of your loins — your children — or the fruit of your inspiration — your artistic or creative works. If you’re attempting to conceive, paying special attention to diet and lifestyle factors through spring can help you align your body with the fertile energy in the world around you.

 Open yourself up to new potential

Taking time at the spring equinox to visualise and make concrete your creative intentions for the next six months — the energetic growing season — helps create a platform for success.

Sunlight and fresh air have a naturally purifying effect. Open the windows and get them cleaned if they’ve become grubby through winter. Tie back curtains to let in maximum sunlight. Hang light-catcher crystals in your east- and north-facing windows to draw the positive energy of the morning and midday sun into as many corners of your home as possible. If your curtains or blinds are dirty, now’s the time to give them a thorough clean. If you have access to a growing space — a garden, balcony or even a sunny indoor window ledge — plant seeds for summer foods (lettuce, strawberries and tomatoes are easy to grow and can be planted in the ground or in pots).

Images are powerful tools for connection with the subconscious and can support your personal rebirth at this time of year. At some point within the two days following the New Moon, take a quiet hour to flick through the magazines and intuitively select images that reflect your dreams and desires. Don’t question or analyse your choices; instead, let your intuition or higher self guide you. Arrange the images on the cardboard, pasting as you go. This tool helps you access the “visual potency” of images, as arranged in a collage full of intention.

Whether you engage in many spring rituals or just one or two, doing so helps you reconnect with the rhythm of the seasons. As you do, you’ll be reminded that life moves in cycles and that this festival, the spring equinox, offers special opportunities for rebirth and growth.


Source: Wellbeing Natural Health & Living News