The Gut-Skin Connection

Gut health has a huge impact on the health of the skin, and clinical evidence supports that skin dysfunction is likely indicative (at least in part) of dysfunction deeper in the gastrointestinal tract.

It was first proposed in 1930 that there was a gastrointestinal mechanism for the overlap between depression, anxiety and skin conditions like acne. It was hypothesised that emotional states might alter the normal intestinal microflora, increase intestinal permeability (meaning more foods and toxins can seep through small gaps in our intestines and make their way into our system when they’re not meant to!) and contribute to systemic inflammation.

It has also been suggested that the ability of the gut microbiota and oral probiotics to influence systemic inflammation, oxidative stress, glycaemic control, tissue lipid content and even mood itself may have important implications in acne.

Compromised gastrointestinal integrity can manifest in any number of ways and not everyone with tummy problems will develop a skin disorder. There are other factors involved, like lifestyle and genetic factors that make a skin disorder more likely.  Irrespective of what type of skin condition presents itself, optimising tummy function and structure will cause positive outcomes!

At Nepean Naturopathic Centre, we focus on improving gut function from your first appointment by providing you with…

  • Nutritional advice to support skin health
  • Herbal medicines to combat possible bugs and pathogens present in the gut and encourage healing
  • Probiotics to support healthy growth of ‘good bacteria’
  • Lifestyle advice on toxins to avoid
  • Recommendations for future assistance!

Beauty is, therefore, not only skin-deep and incorporating support from one of our Naturopaths could be an advantageous complement to any beauty or dermatological therapy.

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