The Nutritional Concept

Metabolic Balance® is a science-based integrated nutritional approach that is based on intensive coaching support alongside your individual nutrition plan. The clear and simply constructed plan will show:

  • which foods should be eaten and which should be avoided
  • in what quantities foods should be eaten
  • in which combination foods should be eaten
  • when and how these foods should be eaten
  • how the 4 phases will become a new way of life

Each plan is unique and exists only once because it is created using your unique blood labs, personal measurements and health profile. With this information Metabolic Balance® can provide a plan that is tailored to your exact needs and can even include information regarding individual preferences and dislikes, allergies, illnesses and medications. This offers a great opportunity to the growing number of people, who are already following a restricted diet – but also, for those who simply value their health.

Metabolic Balance is the science of tailored nutrition – we achieve pathology driven outcomes.

Metabolic Balance® has proved to have an effect on the whole body. More than 2/3 of participants in our study say they have good quality of life one year after taking part in the program

It is time to Live Well!

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Disclaimer: metabolic balance® is not a medically supervised program. The metabolic balance® plan and system is designed to help healthy individuals lose weight and achieve a healthier lifestyle. It is a recommended dietary program only and in no way represents medical treatment or medical advice. The program does not constitute a medical product or service and does not diagnose or treat any medical condition or disease. It does not accommodate for physical or medical conditions, food allergies or the taking of any prescription drugs. All medical conditions and your current health status should be discussed with your physician prior to beginning this, or any other, weight loss program

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