Is yoga better for you than regular exercise?

Yoga.1It’s a well known fact that yoga is good for you, but is it more effective than regular exercise? A study assessed people aged 18-65 years for depression, anxiety, coping capabilities, mindfulness, perceived stress and general well-being. Those surveyed were either yoga practitioners or members of fitness clubs.

The results showed that those who practised yoga regularly and those who exercised regularly were quite similar in regards to reported anxiety & depression. However, those who practised yoga experienced benefits that the regular exercisers did not. It was found that they experienced fewer headaches, & had higher scores for mindfulness and coping skills. They also had lower scores for perceived stress.

The researchers emphasized that mindfulness and the stress reduction was central to the greater benefit provided by practising yoga. While regular exercise is still fantastic, yoga is able to give a few more, very valuable, benefits.